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Chicago-based Production Design and Management Company

Stonewolf is a Chicago-based production design and management company dedicated to cutting edge technology for artistic clients of all types and sizes. Traveling anywhere in the United States and Canada, we handle all shows from storefront to corporate and everything in between.

Stonewolf Studios is your connection to the entertainment industry.

Our team of designers, stage and production managers, and stagehands are some of the best in the industry and have one purpose in mind: making the vision for your event come to life with a unique blend of  cutting edge technology, skillful pro-active management, and a collaborative friendly environment.

We handle events and venues of all sizes, and have solutions to create visually stunning shows to fit any sized budget.

Let us bring your production to life!

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Concerts and live events

Stage productions

Outdoor and indoor laser shows

Corporate meetings

Product launches

Nightclub events

Sporting events

Safe eco-friendly alternative to fireworks for large celebrations

Special occasions that need high impact


Laser Shows

20w beam show - Stonewolf Studios lasershow installation

Lasershow Installations

We help you create a unique laser art installation indoors or outdoors.

Stonewolf Studios live outdoor lasershows

Live Laser Shows

Looking to take your show to a new level? Let our laser and special effect operators give your audience a thrilling experience.

Stonewolf Studios laser safety consultations

Laser Safety Consultations

Our compliance specialist will help make sure an incoming laser vendor or laser installation is fully compliant with CDRH standards.

Production Design

Stonewolf Studios production design

Production Design

Our design and production team can take your event from just an idea to full blown immersive experience.

stonewolf studios production and lighting design

Lighting Design

Our passion has always been using light to tell a story — let us help you tell yours.
Stonewolf Studios special effects - bunker hill immingrant rockets

Special Effects

Cryojets, Confetti Cannons, Lasers and more! Our special effects team adds a greater level of ‘Wow’ to your show.

Production Management

Stonewolf Studios production management

Production Management

Have great ideas for a show, but no idea how to get there? Who to hire? What your production schedule be? Let us help you get organized. We help your production stay on time, on budget, every time.
Event Crew Staffing

Show Crew Staffing

Our professional stagehands and crew chiefs are ready to make your show a reality. We can staff almost any department with experienced professionals trained to meet our exacting standards.

Live Streaming Services

We have added streaming and videography services for all of our show clients. We can do something as simple as create archival recordings of your event all the way to fully broadcast level streams for audiences.

We specialize in creating hybrid events with a live “in theatre” audience and then stream the show to an extended audience. The benefit of this is being able to adjust audience levels in correlation to world health events and extend the client’s scope to reach international audiences with their shows.

We can also present virtual touring shows — live streams of a show that only activate in certain regions. This also extends to helping you create archived Vimeo channels and more.

stonewolf studios live streaming

Aerial Photography

stonewolf studios aerial photography
We have moved into the aerial photography market to serve our production clients who want unique camera angles and views that until only recently required the use of a boom lift or helicopter, hiring a boom lift crew or finding a pilot willing to take on your project.

Our FAA licensed UAV pilots are also ready to serve industrial, architectural, and civil engineering clients in need of site surveys or remote visual inspections of difficult to reach areas.

For example:

  • construction companies wishing to have a progress overview
  • real estate agents looking to show more creative images on their posting; or
  • industrial clients needing to survey and assess radio or microwave towers, building exteriors, and more.

Equipment Rental

We can provide equipment rentals for ALL of our shows. We maintain a stock of lighting, lasers, effect, and more in-house.

If we don’t have it in-stock, we know where to get it.

Our network rentals houses work to provide exclusive pricing and discounts for our show clients. This includes equipment for Lighting, Sets, Audio Equipment, Staging, Lasers, Special Effects, Cameras, and more.

Archiving Your Show

We Love Our Clients

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Just a taste of what Stonewolf has to offer.

Take a look at our image gallery for more production images and samples of our work.

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