Do you like drones? I like drones. Drones are cool.

But seriously…

New to the Stonewolf suite of services, we have added a fleet of drones and aerial photography services to our repertoire. From capturing unique angles of shows and events only previously seen with prohibitively expensive, bulky, and awkward boom lifts or manned aircraft, to surveying construction sites or building exteriors, our professional UAV pilots will get you the shots you’re looking for.

There are many benefits to aerial / drone footage, including lower costs than using Boom Arms, Lifts, Helicopters, etc., and no human risk in dangerous areas or situations.

We’ll get the shot for you!

Our Aerial Photography Services Include:

drone aerial photography - view of building and the surrounding landscapes
1. Shooting
drone aerial photography - view of a sunrise over water
2. Initial Editing
drone aerial photography - view of football field and surrounding neighborhoods
3. Data Transfer

Some of the Many Industries We Work With



Live Events

Content Creators

Construction Companies

Real Estate Agents

What We Photograph


Building Exteriors

Construction Sites

Difficult To Navigate Terrain


Aerial Shots for Films

Radio Towers

…and much more!