Lasershow Design and Live Laser Shows

Stonewolf Studios provides a number of different laser shows, depending on your needs.

Laser Art Installations

Like Morton Arboretum’s “Illumination: Tree Lights” or “Tempo” by EAMotion, these installations are often tied to seasonal events and can be short term, long term or semi-permanent displays on an architectural scale.

Concerts / Tours

We supply lasers for all sorts of touring live acts, often working in collaboration with the tour’s lighting designer to add another layer of visual artistry. Generally speaking, these are “beam” shows meant to give powerful accent to the lighting.

Architectural Laser Mapping

We use the laser to trace the architectural elements of a building, structure, or object (like a car or SUV) to add visual highlights and effects in a way no other medium can. This can be repeating shows for the public, or via temporary displays to mark special events for the subject.

Corporate Events

Taking what we do for touring companies and scaling it to fit corporate events like product launches or national sales meetings, we can create custom laser graphics of logos to project on walls buildings, or add a level wow with a rock concert-style beam show for a big moment. Endless possibilities!

Parties / Dance Clubs

We provide laser entertainment for parties in the form of beam shows “busked” to Live DJs, Bands, Dance Clubs, and in so many celebratory venues.

Mobile Signage and Advertising

Want a high impact, unique look to help draw attention to a structure? We have mobile lasers that we can project signs and other advertising onto buildings or other structures. This is not unlike laser mapping, but can be done from one of our vehicles (where we park and project for a couple hours at a time).